All dead. All immortal.

Ben d'Armagnac

What remains?

Louwrien Wijers, who has been close to him during the last decade of his life, wrote a beautiful monography on Ben d'Armagnac.
(Waanders, Zwolle, 1995, ISBN 90 6630 486 3, Dutch, out of print).

'I have decided not to write about my work anymore —as a visual artist I can only realize my ideas visually and it is very difficult for me to express them in any other way, such as writing. The solution that I found is that I have asked Louwrien Wijers, who has been deeply involved with my work since 1969 and who has regularly published about it, to write everything that in the future may be wanted on me. I hope you understand and respect my decision.
Sincerely yours,
Ben d'Armagnac'

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