All dead. All immortal.

Maryanne Amacher

Maryanne Amacher (1999) Sound Characters (Making The Third Ear)
CD-A [Tzadik Records TZ 7043]

'The 'making the third ear'-part of the title refers to the phenomenon that listeners experience when listening to Maryanne Amacher's compositions -played at the right volume, sounds seem to emit from within the listener's head! Even though these works were written for installations in specific spaces, and not for recording, the "third ear" still happens (but not with headphones). The included pieces range from a rather comforting wash of tones ('Synaptic Island') to boggling, bleeping loops ('Dense Boogie 1'), and are, necessarily, often excerpts of longer works.'
Joslyn Layne AllMusic
More on 'Synaptic Island': khksounds

Video: shortened version of Synaptic Island (Tower Metals/Feed 2/Muse Orchestra 1" by Maryanne Amacher, Sound Characters (making the third ear) 1999 Tzadik

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