All dead. All immortal.

Misha Mengelberg

Football (mid 1970's)

Object, installation

Then there was this brown leather soccer ball, intentionally soft, that Misha had prepared with a radio and sensory circuitry inside. When moved or kicked it would produce sound.
I need help on this one. Was it a prop for one of his theatrical endeavours? Did it have a name?
In my archives there is no photo, announcement or description of the piece to be found. But it resided in Corps de Garde almost from its beginning in 1976, sitting in a corner in the downstairs office space, or, as an intermission act in between shows, at times -loaded with fresh batteries- taking center stage in the upstairs project room.
It was kicked a lot.
It reached mascotte status.

I thought Misha had given it to me as a present for Corps de Garde, but after a year or so he asked it back and I reluctantly returned it. I never heard of it again.

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