All dead. All immortal.

Tony Morgan (1938-2004)

Who dies?

Tony Morgan left England on foot for Rome at age 22, an act that he would retrospectively consider his first 'performance'. This was the start of a nomadic artistic life which encompassed a.o. Paris, New York, Aachen, Munich, London and Groningen, with more sustained periods in Amsterdam. Düsseldorf and Geneva. Wikipedia (German).

Film, video, photo: performance

'It was during a visit to New York in 1972 with Rebecca Horn, that Morgan gave birth to his alter ego 'Herman Fame', identified as being indebted to Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground. His practice was suddenly re-routed toward a more personal quest and a darker type of emotion. Herman was to accompany Morgan throughout his career, with constant appearances in video, photography and performance. Most notably in Jean Christophe Amman's groundbreaking exhibition 'Transformer' at the Kunstmuseum Luzern in 1974, and from there to the Musée d'Ixelles Brussels, De Appel in Amsterdam, Corps de Garde Groningen and the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.'

Critic and poet Andreas Weiland wrote a nice in memoriam on the site of Art in Society remembering his visit to Amsterdam in 1976 where Tony began working on his performance 'Herman Dances Alone'.

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