All dead. All immortal.

Tony Morgan

'I want to be a Superstar'

Wies Smals and I met Tony Morgan in 1975 in Brussels, where we attended a fundraiser festival for a left-wing newspaper, organized and curated by Isi Fiszman and Harald Szeemann. It was a big event that took place at the Museum of Ixelles, with a separate performance section entitled Salto Arte in a nearby circus tent. Among the many artists involved were Joseph Beuys, Carl Andre, Ben Vautier, James Lee Byars, Walter de Maria, On Kawara, Penck, Spoerri, Toroni, Christo, Sol Lewitt, Christian Boltanski, Katharina Sieverding, and yes, almost unnoticed, Tony Morgan. He impressed us both, sitting on a chair with only a guitar, singing 'I want to be a Superstar' in a small voice and without working amplification. Sandwiched between Sieverding and Beuys it almost felt as an intermission act.
At that time Corps de Garde, my new endeavour, was under construction. De Appel already was in its first year. I spent a lot of time there, working closely with Wies. On her behalf I made contact with Tony and invited him to De Appel for what became 'Herman Dances Alone'.

Video: Tony Morgan (1975) Salto Arte, Ixelles, Belgium, May 23, 1975

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